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Beyond Sustainability: The Regenerative Business

Read about how Interface and other US manufacturers are paving the way to regenerative.

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Nature’s Influence on Design

Watch CNBC's Sustainable Energy shorts featuring bright minds combining the best of nature with innovative technologies and ideas.

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Nicole Miller on Nature and Inspired Innovation

This episode of the Infosys Knowledge Institute Podcast features our Managing Director, Nicole Miller, in which she explains biomimicry and how mirroring nature’s designs can lead to innovative and sustainable solutions.

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Biomimicry Fireside Chat with Janine Benyus and Azita Ardakani

Tune into the Biomimicry Institute's very first Biomimicry Fireside Chat with Janine Benyus and Azita Ardakani, exploring the current moment we are in and how nature adapts in times of trauma.

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Our Best Ally for a Long Term Economy

Janine sits down with Long Term Economy founder, Dario Ruggiero to discuss how we can look at nature as a source of ideas for innovation instead of a warehouse of resources.

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Design DNA: Beauty is the Signal of the Good

Scott Henderson interviews Janine Benyus about the initiatives happening here at Biomimicry 3.8.

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Jamie Dwyer Reveals the Best Innovator on the Planet

Host of Germany based podcast, Innovational Correctness, David Luna interviews Jamie Dwyer on the best innovator on this planet...nature!

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Ask an Innovator: Nicole Miller

Ask an Innovator podcast by City Innovation Labs invited our managing director, Nicole Miller, for an intimate interview with Joshua Barker.

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Janine Benyus Interview: Is Net Zero Enough?

Jill Buck at Go Green Radio interviewed our co-founder, Janine Benyus, about our newest initiatives here at B3.8.

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Earth Offline Interviews Dayna about Conservation

Listen to Dayna Baumeister's take on just how important biomimicry might be in protecting species, ecosystems, and biodiversity.

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