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We’re at a critical point in the story of the human species. The challenges we face require leaders and innovators who know how to create resilient, well-adapted solutions. The path forward must be generous to future generations of all life on earth.

By learning the practice of biomimicry you’ll join a hopeful, curious, and passionate community of changemakers who believe the answers we’re looking for surround us in nature.

Our Professional Training programs teach you how to discover nature’s genius and apply the biomimicry thinking methodology to your career.



Our training is accessible to any professional looking to jumpstart their career through innovation inspired by nature–whether you want to put biomimicry at the center of your work through our Certified Biomimicry Professional program, start the three-hour interactive course at your desk today, or immerse yourself in biomimicry during a week-long immersion workshop.

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Our Biomimicry Courses

Immersion Workshops

Experience biomimicry in ecosystems around the world.
  • Week-long, all-inclusive workshops led by top biomimicry experts
  • Learn biomimicry essentials
  • Earn certification credit
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Biomimicry Specialist Certification

Integrate biomimicry into your current or planned career.
  • Accredited graduate certificate
  • Web-based curriculum through Arizona State University
  • In-person workshop experiences
  • Professional biomimicry network
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Biomimicry Professional Certification

Emerge as a biomimicry leader.
  • Accredited Master of Science degree through Arizona State University
  • Self-paced web-based curriculum
  • Extensive in-person workshop experiences
  • Elite cohort & global professional network
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When it comes to actually emulating and applying biological intelligence learning in an immersion space, being in the field, and learning with a community, is an essential component to becoming a biomimic.

— Dr. Dayna Baumeister, Biomimicry 3.8 Co-Founder
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