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Dr. Dayna Baumeister & Daneille Trofe in Merging Futures

Merging Futures interviews Dr. Dayna Baumeister and Biomimicry Specialist Daneille Trofe about the importance of (re)connecting with Nature and how biomimicry is not only a source of inspiration but promotes action for climate and social injustice.

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Dr. Dayna Baumeister Shares her Biomimicry Journey

Curious how it all started? Hear more details about how Dayna happened upon biomimicry and what she’s working on now.

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Biomimicry maven talks Project Positive

Janine recently sat down with friend, and GreenBiz Group's CEO, Joel Makower for a live interview and discussion at the ...

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Janine Benyus inducted into the ISSP Hall of Fame

We are so proud to share that our co-founder Janine Benyus was inducted yesterday to the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) Hall of Fame alongside Vandana Shiva.

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We commit to Net Zero by 2030

As a proud B Corporation, we joined 500+ other B Corps around the world committed to Net Zero by 2030.

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Nicole Miller answers why we should care about biomimicry

Our managing director, Nicole Miller, talks with Sustainability Defined podcast about why it’s important for organizations to integrate biomimicry into their products, processes, and systems.

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A Conversation with Dayna Baumeister

Listen to Dayna Baumeister in conversation with the hosts of Future Thinkers podcast.

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Janine Plays Biomimicry Bingo!

Janine rocked Biomimicry Bingo on BBC’s " 30 Animals that Made Us Smarter with host Patrick Aryee.

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Marketplace Tech interviews Janine Benyus

Marketplace’s Jed Kim spoke with Janine Benyus about drawing on nature’s billions of years of R&D for design solutions

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Janine Benyus in HBO’s Ice On Fire

Watch Janine Benyus in action in this eye-opening documentary focusing on solutions designed to slow down our escalating environmental crisis.

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