Sharing the innovation inspiration of biomimicry

The Discover Nature's Genius immersion was a great experience and I will never look at nature the same way again. I found my “curious” self again!

Malgorzata Haley, Architect, Australia

For those trying to reconnect with nature and with a feeling that we have been doing the wrong thing for too long, the Discover Nature's Genius workshop is a great eye-opening step that will definitely give you a new perspective to approach your job and life itself. Totally recommended!

Sergio Molino Aguado, Data Analyst, Spain

This was the best learning experience I have ever had in my career. It really helped me to identify how I can apply biomimicry thinking into my work and introduced me to fascinating people from across the world who shared the same reverence for the world around us.

Jyoti Sehdev, London, UK | Corporate Responsibility Manager

I came into the Discover Nature’s Genius for Social Innovation workshop with a set of big and seemingly intractable problems that I wanted to explore. By the end of the week, I had fresh perspectives on the framing of these challenges as well as powerful tools to explore these topics- and possible solutions- with a newfound sense of possibility. The workshop was extraordinarily accessible and well designed and I left feeling profoundly grateful and invigorated. I highly recommend this training!

Stosh Cotler, Senior Advisor, Bend the Arc Jewish Action

"I highly recommend this workshop to people who are leaders or want to become leaders, across all disciplines. The workshop provided a rare opportunity to connect with individuals from extremely diverse perspectives. The approach of using nature as a mentor not only for solving design and sustainability problems, but also in complex social environments was truly unique to this workshop. I will draw inspiration from this experience for years to come."

Jennifer Bishop, NSRL Research Manager, Nike

If you're interested in biomimicry and how you might integrate this practice into your life and career, there's no better place to learn about and from nature than through the Costa Rica Immersion Workshop! The daily experiences and natural beauty of the tropics cannot be matched and will leave your inspired, with a (re)new-ed passion for the infinite wisdom that resides at our fingertips, should you only tap into your curiosity.

Danielle Trofe, Danielle Trofe Design, New York

The Biomimicry Thinking workshop was everything I wanted and more. Rich with new material and hands-on design challenges. I left with a new perspective and a desire to learn more. Highly recommended!

Devin Seese, Immersion Workshop Alumni

Learning and experiencing the process of discovering nature and how it enhances the creative process is truly wonderful, rewarding, and transforming.

Joanna Jurdi, Architect, Lebanon
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