Life’s Principles Leadership Cards

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The Life’s Principles Leadership Cards is a highly popular deck created in partnership with Biomimicry 3.8 and Biomimicry for Social Innovation that sets out, card-by-card, how operating guidelines from nature called Life’s Principles, can inform leadership inspired by nature’s genius.

This deck represents  Life’s deep design lessons representing the overarching patterns found amongst the species surviving and thriving on Earth. Guided by facts and images of some of nature’s best mentors, you can model nature’s innovative strategies, measure our designs against sustainable benchmarks, and be mentored using Life’s Principles as our aspirational ideals. Within the deck, each Principle is described and paired with a leadership question, creating a deck of cards sure to spur leadership inspiration.


Product Description

Shuffling through the Life’s Principles Leadership Card deck will bring up questions like this: How could your leadership accomplish big goals by building from the bottom up? For one: Ants achieve amazing feats despite their size by building from the bottom up—be it grain-by-grain of sand to build a nest, drop-by-drop of chemical cues to lay a trail, or bite-by-bite to subdue a potential predator.

Through examples like these, the Life’s Principles Leadership Cards show of how nature leads to survive and thrive, the Life’s Principles Leadership Cards display how Life creates conditions conducive to life. Through our leadership, we can, too.

Upon order, the Biomimicry Resources Cards are printed on demand through a third party printer (to avoid unnecessary production of materials). We do our best to use printers with high sustainability and ethical standards, but were unable to identify an ideal option for this product. Know of the perfect printer? Let us know at